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Our Part In Protecting Our Ocean

Ariel Blankets is committed to donate a portion of its profits from blanket sales to Oceana to play our part in ocean conservancy.
Oceana has been established more than 15 years ago and is committed solely to the oceans; to protect and and restore them for a better future. Oceana stands by its vision: "To make our oceans as rich, healthy, and abundant as they once were."
One of many Oceana’s efforts include the ‘Save the Oceans, Feed the World’ program, raising awareness of the importance of wild fishing management, to protect and improve the ocean's biodiversity, to provide sustainable seafood for the future.
Oceana's campaigns extends worldwide and include a successful agreement to have shark fins soup, an oriental delicacy removed from a prominent online food delivery company in the United States; to successfully prohibiting commercial fishing off the Straits of Sicily, thus preserving the previous red corals and vulnerable ocean habitat.
Let’s help protect our ocean, every blanket you purchase is making a change.
You can read more about Oceana here.
Ariel the Mermaid <3