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Our Part In Protecting Our Ocean

Ariel Blankets is committed to donate a portion of its profits from blanket sales to Greenpeace to play our part in ocean conservancy.
Greenpeace has been established more than 40 years ago and is committed to creating a greener and cleaner future. 
One of many Greenpeace’s efforts include the ‘Safe the Reef’ program, raising awareness to protect the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Site from the coal-miners in dredging the seabed.
"Hundreds more coal ships will pass through the Reef, heightening the risk of accidents and oil spills and negatively impacting coral at a time when the health of the Reef is already in decline.
The science is clear: we can have the Reef or coal, but not both." (Greenpeace)
Greenpeace is also committed to protecting the ocean from destructive fishing, which means protecting sea creatures like turtles, sharks and dolphins from being killed along with target fishing.
Let’s help protect our ocean, every blanket you purchase is making a change.
Read more about Greenpeace here
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